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Home » Wheel Appeal: Crafts to Customize Your Car

Wheel Appeal: Crafts to Customize Your Car

    Wheel Appeal Crafts to Customize Your Car

    With these four creative embellishment projects, the family automobile can go from drab to spectacular in no time!

    Put On a Happy Face

    Con-Tact paper with a woodgrain pattern was used to create the contours of an eyebrow and a moustache. To make the googly eyes, put a black pom-pom with a diameter of two inches inside of a clear plastic tub (we used a Ziploc extra small bowl). Double-sided carpet tape, which can be found at hardware stores, should be applied to the rim of the container, and then the tape should be adhered to an oval hole punched out of a magnetic sheet. Make a design that you like on the back of your car, but make sure to avoid the licence plate, the taillights, and any edges of the trunk or the tailgate.

    Seatbelt Snuggies

    Two squares measuring 8 inches square should be cut from the fleece and felt, respectively. After folding the square of fleece in half diagonally, cut a hole in the middle of the fabric that is at least 1 1/2 inches wide. Place the open fleece with the fuzzy side facing down on the workspace, and then dab lines of fabric glue onto the surface. Apply some pressure to secure the felt piece in place on top. When attaching the felt eyes and Velcro closures, use additional glue and space the Velcro strips about half an inch out from the corners of the item. Velcro can be used to fasten the snuggie around a seatbelt for added security.

    Magnetic A-door-nments

    On a sheet of magnetic material, design various colourful shapes using permanent markers. Wait for the ink to dry. You will need to cut out the pieces and then apply them to your vehicle, being sure to avoid any door edges.

    Incog-neato Headrest Covers

    Determine the height and circumference of your headrest by using a cloth measuring tape. Create a rectangle out of the felt by following the diagram. After applying lines of fabric glue around the sides of the cloth, fold it in half lengthwise. Put some pressure on the edges, and then wait for the glue to dry.

    While you work, put some newspapers or a sheet of cardboard under the cover and turn it so that the right side is facing out. We tucked in the upper corners of the cover. Using felt, cut out shapes for ornamental purposes. Glue them on with fabric glue, along with any additional embellishments you might choose to use (we used metallic pom-poms on our top hat, alien antennae, and crown). After the glue has had time to dry, you may proceed to place the cover over the headrest and, if required, trim the bottom edges.

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