What Exactly Is In Low-Carb Better Bagels?

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Bagels are yet another generally adored item getting a nutritious makeover, similar to how chickpea pasta and gluten-free pizza crusts have emerged in supermarkets.

However, The Better Bagel stands out as being substantially more outstanding than the other bland, rough, and unimpressively thin low-carb bagel options available worldwide.

Better Bagels contain a massive 26 grammes of protein and 17 grammes of fibre per bagel, which is about triple the amount you receive from a typical bagel. 

Better Bagels are great for folks who regulate their blood sugar or want a morning bagel that will keep them satisfied till lunch.

The ingredients of the alternate bagels haven't been kept a secret, according to Women's Health, despite the fact that the technology behind them has.

Water, modified wheat starch, wheat protein isolates, potato starch, inulin fibre, olive oil, yeast, salt, and enzymes are the nine basic ingredients that make up Better Bagels.

According to Forbes, Better Bagels can be purchased at Whole Foods for $12 per four-pack as of August 2022.

Yang is interested in bringing "The Better" brand to new foods as they increase the number of places where the bagels are sold.

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