Wendy’s New Italian Mozzarella Sandwich Has Just One Flaw


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We discovered that Burger King's new Italian Royal Crispy Sandwich isn't much more than an ordinary, thin version of a chicken parmesan.

Therefore, when Wendy's unveiled its own limited-time Italian Mozzarella sandwiches that looked to be vying for the same market, I wasn't overly thrilled.

However, the latter has improved on BK's mediocre approach: instead of the traditional red sauce and melted mozzarella combo, Wendy's has chosen to put a substantial breaded and fried mozzarella patty on top of the sandwich. Very brave of Wendy's.

The Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich and the Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger are your two protein choices in this dish.

Both come with the aforementioned fried mozzarella patty, marinara, and an additional slice of mozzarella on a garlic knot roll.

If you recall the stunt burger from Culver's that liberally incorporated a large fried cheese curd, then those are some major Curderburger vibes.

If we go back even farther in time, don't forget that Hardee's introduced a burger in the early 2020s that had a sizable fried cheese patty on it. I suppose that's where the fast food industry is at the moment.

Grilled, Classic, or Spicy are the three ways you can order the chicken sandwich. The Classic is recommended because it is the filet that most closely resembles a chicken parmesan.

Each bite of Wendy's fried chicken sandwiches is very enjoyable thanks to the breaded and fried mozzarella patty's extra crunch and gooey interior.

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