Ways to Cleanse Your Entire Body of Toxins


Drink Plenty Of Water

Water helps your kidneys. Water helps kidneys filter blood. Your body excretes wastes and surplus fluids as urine, which goes to your bladder.

Water keeps your arteries open so blood may circulate to your kidneys. Blood oxygenates and nourishes your kidneys. Dehydration hinders the delivery system.

Eat Nutritious Food

"It's one of the only organs that can regenerate. If you have a liver infection or injury, a healthy lifestyle and the correct meals may help it heal.

Our liver patients should eat Mediterranean. The Mediterranean diet includes more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, lean meats, less red meat, and sweets/added sugars.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Fat harms the liver. Due to the obesity epidemic in the U.S., nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is fast expanding and is predicted to overtake hepatitis C in the next 30 years.

Get Your Sleep!

CDC recommends 7 hours of sleep every day for liver health. Poor sleep and daytime napping increase the risk of fatty liver disease.


Exercise boosts liver health. My patients with chronic liver disease often ask me if they should exercise.

My reaction is always a hearty "YES!" accompanied by a fist bump they may or may not see... Regular exercise can improve liver scar tissue when combined with a 7% weight loss.

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