Vegan in Tel Aviv beats any and all expectations


We were introduced to veganism as students in Manchester, United Kingdom, through the vegetarian restaurant On The 8th Day. The food, the people, the hippy decor, and the politics were all stereotypical heaven.

The temperature in Tel Aviv is just right—warm it's enough for people to sit outside and enjoy the last of the autumn sun before it sets.

Chef Or takes a seat next to us and talks about two of his most recent dishes: scallions and bok choy in a nutty Greek skordalia sauce, and smoked-wheat tabbouleh with cashew-based tzatziki and mushrooms.

Vegan cooking is significantly simpler in many aspects, far from being limiting, claims Or. "Both butter and cheese deteriorate quite quickly.

The product was definitely manufactured with a lot of love by the owner Eliran and his staff, and we ran out of superlatives to describe its quality.

It's time to go on, but not before we bid goodbye to one of Eviatar's vegan tour groups and make plans to meet up for dessert at the evening's last stop.

The best vegan is Meshek Barzilay. While attempting to maintain its connection to its roots in Moshav Yarkona in Hod Hasharon, the award-winning kitchen has established itself as a community favorite in Neve Zedek.

We split a cashew cheesecake, tiramisu, and a lemon dessert with aquafaba topping while Fuldan, whom we had run across earlier on a separate tour, joined us.

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