Trendy Chicago Convenience Store Chain Foxtrot Is Opening Four Austin Markets

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By early 2023, four new shops are anticipated by the trendy convenience store chain and delivery service Foxtrot, based in Chicago.

The Foxtrot goods from independent and big-name companies will be available at the Austin stores along with a number of local names. Kosmic Kombucha and Siete Foods, both situated in Austin, have long been carried by the business.

Customers can now anticipate even more locally based products from brands like Lick Honest Ice Creams, Chop Chop, Bakery Cloud Nine, Pinthouse Brewing, and St. Elmo Brewing Company as a result of this expansion into the city.

Coffee, seasonal beverages, smoothies, prepared dishes, beers, wines, and everyday necessities will also be available.

Beginning this fall, the business intends to open its first and second Austin Foxtrots at 1804 South First Street in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood and 4800 Burnet Road, Building F in the Rosedale district.

The remaining two, located at 2270 Guadalupe Street in West Campus and 301 West Second Street in downtown Austin, are scheduled to open in the early part of 2023.

The largest Foxtrot store to date will be in South Austin, and a commissary kitchen will serve as support for all four sites. This fall, the business also intends to open a branch in Dallas' Knox-Henderson neighborhood.

All will be accessible for both online orders for pickup and delivery as well as in-person purchases.

The growth of Foxtrot is a reflection of the widespread phenomenon of trendy, social media-friendly food products being carried in new corner stores in major cities.

Mike LaVitola and Taylor Bloom, the company's co-founders, started Foxtrot as a delivery business in Chicago before expanding it to include actual shops and cafes in Dallas, Washington, D.C., and other parts of Virginia.

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