This Is America's Best Costco Location, Shoppers Say

The Paper Forest

Customers appear to adore Costco in general, and chances are you believe your Costco is similar to the others.

But according to a recent FinanceBuzz survey, which questioned more than 6,000 consumers throughout America, not all Costcos are made equal.

With the highest average rating in each of the six Costco experience categories—cleanliness, friendliness, stock, quality of samples, quantity of samples, and parking accessibility—South Carolina offers the finest possible Costco experience.

It's interesting to note that Georgia, not any of those states, is home to the highest rated individual Costco location, also known as the best Costco in America.

The Cumming suburban warehouse, one of ten warehouses in the greater Atlanta area, had the best rating of any retailer in the nation.

Customers echoed two popular requests: more samples and improved parking, noting that even the top Costcos in the nation could enhance the shopping experience.

According to Josh Koebert, the study's author and survey analyst, "almost everyone, everywhere loves their local Costco."

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