The VIP Card That Offers Free Burger King For Life


Any reader of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" surely fantasizes about possessing a golden ticket to their preferred restaurant.

Although Willy Wonka and his factory are obviously made up, Burger King has made this dream come true for a small number of people.

The chain's Crown Card holders get unlimited access to Whoppers, fries, chicken fries, and everything else on the BK menu, however they won't be seeing Oompa Loompas or golden eggs.

Burger King has made an effort to differentiate itself from other fast food franchises with its menu since since it opened in 1954.

According to Mental Floss, when Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns first started the restaurant, they used the Insta-Burger Broiler to cook their hamburgers, and the name of the establishment matched the appliance.

The business continued with its flame-broiled burgers even though neither the Insta-Burger Broiler nor the restaurant name would last.

The Whopper is still Burger King's iconic burger even if it no longer costs just 29 cents as it did when it was first debuted in 1957. And a select few elite individuals can receive as many at no cost as they like.

Only a handful of people have received Burger King's promise of limitless free food in its 68-year history. Readers Digest reports that there are only 12 Burger King Crown Card holders.

According to AdAge, those fortunate individuals include famous people and those who have a "long-standing relationship" with Burger King. However, not every famous person may obtain a card.

Hugh Laurie claimed to have one, however Paul Giamatti, a fellow actor, was turned down after doing voiceover work for the business, according to Mental Floss. Jennifer Hudson, a singer and actress, has a Burger King Crown Card.

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