The Unexpected Hack For Perfectly Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of those morning meals that are so common that you can almost always count on them to be served for breakfast.

The most popular way to prepare eggs in America is scrambled, followed by over easy, sunny side up, over medium, or hard boiled, according to YouGovAmerica.

But let's be honest, even while scrambled eggs are easy to make, they don't always turn out well. How often have you unintentionally cooked or received rubbery, dry eggs? That is not a good way to begin the day.

It's important to get a fluffy and moist consistency while cooking scrambled eggs. While you may try to make the best scrambled eggs by pretending Gordon Ramsay is there behind you, there are actually some relatively simple ways to guarantee your scrambled eggs will come out wonderfully fluffy.

According to Allrecipes, water is the secret to making the finest scrambled eggs you've ever had. Simply replace your regular pan with one that has a little higher edge so you can fill it with about four inches of water in order to employ the site's tried and effective approach.

Then, as you crack and scramble your eggs in a different bowl, heat the water to a simmer. Pour the eggs into the pan, swirl the water around the pan, and then cover the pan for 30 seconds.

The eggs will be floating in the water when the lid is removed, allowing lots of fluffy air bubbles to form. Additionally, since your eggs won't be cooked on a hot skillet directly, it will be tougher to overcook them.

Even Food Network calls scrambled eggs that have been cooked in water "poached scrambled eggs." With this technique, Food Network advises carefully putting the egg mixture into the hot water in the pan while swishing the water in a counterclockwise motion.

Taking the eggs out of the pan is the most difficult step. To remove the water from the pan without spilling the eggs, you'll need a steady hand.

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