The New Ingredient Reese's Is Adding To Its Candy

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You already know what Halloween symbolises, so CANDY! We can't celebrate Reese's inserting chunks of its Puffs Cereal inside its candy cups, even though no one saw this coming.

Reese's parent company, Hershey's, produces its delectable works of art in good 'ol Hershey, Pennsylvania, where you can take a tour of the chocolate factory, experience Hershey Park, and take in the view from the Kiss Tower.

We can only speculate that a candy genius woke up one morning in this small town and said, "I need to transform this ideal piece of chocolate bliss into a true breakfast masterpiece."

It was such a mystery of a self-collaboration to create Reese's inside a Reese's that they don't even know what the proposed pricing will be. The retailer will have final say on that.

This inception-like fusion is not entirely out of step with contemporary confectionery trends, whether it was the result of a creative idea or a desperate midnight snack attack.

Reese's originally garnered attention with its sugar coma-inducing Big Cup not so long ago.

And just when we thought there was nothing left to improve about the Big Cup, they went ahead and added their own brand of cereal.

Reese's appears to be congratulating itself by collaborating with itself. After all, collaborations are totally in this year. Just ask Funko, a toy company.

Brands like Krispy Kreme Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruit Loops, and Lucky Charms have been and will continue to be staples in homes. especially if it is populated by hungry teenagers.

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