The Major Fast-Casual Trend That Started At Panera Bread


What draws customers back to Panera Bread? People obviously like this fast-casual restaurant because the business made $5.7 billion in just 2021. (via Statista).

A Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich or a Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich may come to mind when you think of Panera Bread.

Panera Knows That Nutrition Facts Matter

According to the Affordable Care Act, which as of 2016 compelled restaurants with more than 20 locations to give consumers with comprehensive nutrition information, the business would have been forced to do this anyway.

In 2018, Panera Bread hopes that people will "think about food" and act more honestly. Before it was required, it was carried out to aid consumers in making better decisions.

Making Delicious Nutritional Choices

While restaurants' inclusion of nutrition information is intended to aid customers in making smarter nutritional choices, some of the data may surprise you.

The 1,150 calories in Panera Bread's Mac & Cheese Bread Bowl are half of what the FDA advises an adult to take each day.

Information about nutrition is essential for assisting people who are adhering to a certain diet in order to improve their health in making wise decisions about their wellbeing.

Whether you like them or not, these nutrition facts are important for many people and help to advise customers about healthy eating.



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