The Clever Hard-Boiled Egg Peeling Hack That Has Stunned The Internet

Numerous hacks that promise to end the challenge of peeling hard-boiled eggs have been developed over the years in response to this problem.

The "tap and roll" technique has instructions on Get Cracking. While Food & Wine shows how to use a spoon to remove the shell, Wholefully asserts that it is simpler when the eggs are colder.

Gordon Ramsay demonstrates his own foolproof method for peeling boiled eggs on YouTube, which involves tapping the eggs and dipping them in cold water beforehand.

All of the aforementioned methods have been demonstrated to be effective, however there is one that is quicker and less dirty. Furthermore, you might even prefer it to the others in terms of enjoyment.

One of the people who tried the hack and posted a video on social media is YouTuber Max Klymenko. "Peeling an egg without peeling an egg," is how he explains the method.

Three simple phases make up the process, and they may be finished in approximately 30 seconds. That's right; it takes just 30 seconds to peel an egg using this technique.

Based on Max Klymenko's Instagram tutorial, these are the steps: Crack open the egg's shell on the air cell side while holding the egg upright.

Then take a piece of the shell, about the size of a nickel, and peel it off. Peel off a tiny section of the shell from the opposite end's shell after cracking it open.

The next step is to blow into the smaller hole while holding the egg in one hand. This will swiftly force the egg out of the larger side.

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