The Best Wines at Costco Right Now (October 2022)!

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Given their affordable wine rates, it should be clear why Costco® is the top wine retailer in the United States.

One of the main reasons is simply the tremendously slim margin Costco takes thanks to their membership model. Basically, they make their money on membership fees allowing them to keep product prices, including those on wine, very low.

Although their inventory isn't the largest, they frequently import some excellent wines from around the globe, particularly in the under $20 price range.

Keep an eye out for discounts on lesser-known labels even if the majority of the wines from Costco are also sold elsewhere.

Wine availability varies by market and even by store inside a market, so occasionally you can get certain low production wines in a specific store. In some states, you can shop at the store without even having a membership.

One more thing: even though they don't publicize it, a reduction often applies to any price that ends in.97. Furthermore, if an asterisk appears on the label, it indicates that the item is a close-out and will not be restocked.

This is a terrific idea for exploring the rest of the site as well because we've found some fantastic bargains on products that are on sale, but they sell out quickly!

Last but not least, don't be wary of the "Kirkland Signature" wines from the Costco house brand. By eliminating the middlemen and providing these exceptional wines directly to Costco members, you may save even more money.

The only drawback to these brands is that they frequently have a cult following, which causes the low-production items to go quickly—sometimes even within days. If you see them, purchase them is our motto for these.

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