Start the Morning With These Breakfast Deals Happening Right Now

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Wendy's: Free Small Seasoned Potatoes or Coffee

If you use the app to place your order, your morning trip to Wendy's might be a bit less expensive.

Taco Bell: $5 Bell Breakfast Box

It has recently added a $5 breakfast box to the morning menu, which it previously only offered for lunch and supper.

Del Taco: $3 BreakFiesta

A 5-piece order of hashbrown sticks and two egg and cheese breakfast rollers filled with melted cheese, eggs, and mild red sauce are included in the $3 BreakFiesta.

Sonic: $1.19 Junior Breakfast Burrito

At Sonic, breakfast is available all day, so you can indulge in breakfast sandwiches and French toast sticks whenever the whim hits.

Burger King: $6 Croissan'wich Meal for Two

The current best deal costs $6 and includes two Croissan'wiches, two tiny hash browns, and two small coffees.

Chick-fil-A: $3 Chicken Biscuit

Even in the morning, it is offered, and a plain chicken biscuit costs only $3.

Hardee's: $4 Breakfast Platter with Sausage

You may purchase a biscuit with a sausage patty, two folded eggs, and hash rounds for $4.

Taco John's: Two for $6 Meat and Potato Breakfast Burritos

The current two for $6 beef and potato breakfast burrito deal at Taco John's should entice lovers of breakfast burritos to visit.

Bojangles': $1.39 Bo-Berry or Cinnamon Biscuits

For only $1.39, choose between a Bo-Berry biscuit that has been frosted and studded with fruit.

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