Some Target Shoppers Will Soon Get Curbside Starbucks


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Customers will soon be able to pre-order Starbucks lattes and other menu items for curbside car delivery, according to the company whose name is synonymous with a bullseye.

This practical offer will be accessible at 200 Target sites around the country and is anticipated to be fully operational by the start of the holiday season.

Actually, Target and Starbucks have been working together for a while. In 1999, the two well-known American companies formed their first partnership, and as of 2016, there were more than 1,300 Starbucks locations inside of Target stores.

In 2022, Target has been secretly testing Starbucks curbside delivery at a few chosen locations for the majority of the year.

Target COO John Mulligan claims that the trial run has thus far been a huge success. He said during an earnings call earlier this week that Target customers had always desired to pick up a quick coffee with their curbside orders.

"For a very long time, guests have been requesting "I'm getting milk." I am purchasing diapers. He continued, saying that the trial Starbucks curbside function had been "extremely, very successful." "Why can't I have my latte to go as well?'" he said "in this year's second quarter.

Few other information were provided, however Mulligan did note that the experimental run featured a "scaled-down" Starbucks menu. Target is one of the biggest and most successful retail businesses in the United States, with slightly under 2,000 stores nationwide.

The mega-retailer is upbeat about the future despite a difficult third quarter with sales "far below projections" this year. They believe its Drive-Up curbside delivery program, strengthened by the addition of Starbucks, will help things turn around in Q4.

The Target Drive-Up curbside service, for instance, showed "high single-digit" sales growth in the third quarter of this year after a noteworthy 80% increase in 2021, according to Target CFO Michael Fiddelke during the results call.

Curbside service at Target can be started online. Customers pre-purchase their items using the Target website or mobile app, then they park outside their neighborhood store in an area designated for pick-up, and an employee brings the order right to the car.

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