Popeyes Is Offering Free Chicken Sandwiches for 10 Days & You Can Get its New One

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The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich has remained one of the top chicken sandwiches available in fast food restaurants for many years. 

So, on the rare occasions when a new one is added to the menu, folks are thrilled. With the introduction of the chain's new Blackened Chicken Sandwich, that took place this month.

Popeyes is referring to this week's shopping holiday as Blackened Friday to mark its introduction. I'm sure you can guess what happens next.

From November 25 to December 4, Popeyes is giving out a free chicken sandwich at any time. If you're a perfectionist, you can apply that gratis to the brand-new sandwich.

You may add a free Chicken Sandwich to every Chicken Sandwich combo you order through the Popeyes app or website.

You can choose between the Original Chicken Sandwich, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, or the Blackened Chicken Sandwich. Starting on Black Friday, that promotion is valid for ten days.

The Blackened Chicken Sandwich is different from the original since it is breading-free, if that piques your interest.

Before being placed on a brioche bun with mayo and pickles, the chicken breast is marinated for 12 hours and seasoned with "cajun and creole flavors."

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