on Wednesday, Roughly 1 Million People Would Receive Direct $487 Payouts.

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In Minnesota, over a million front-line employees will start getting one-time payouts of $487.45 on Wednesday.

A $500 million "thank you" payment from the state for their services during the COVID-19 outbreak was included in the Frontline Worker Pay bill, which is what the payments are a part of.

In a statement released on Monday, Walz said, "I'm appreciative for the work Minnesotans made to help people across our state stay healthy and safe through the COVID-19 outbreak."

"Frontline employees are an integral element of our state's structure and assisted in keeping things running smoothly during the pandemic.

I'm happy to announce that the State of Minnesota will award $487.45 in recognition to these workers."

From June 8 through July 22, online applications for the payments were accepted; according to the state, almost 1.2 million applications were reviewed.

Beginning on Wednesday and continuing through the rest of the fall, the state will issue payments to a total of 1,025,655 front-line employees.

According to the state, the payments would be sent via direct deposit between seven to ten working days or via prepaid debit cards within three to four weeks.

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