Michigan Man Runs Over Carjacker


Car thieves are becoming more active, and many of them boost cars before they are even parked. They are resorting to brutal carjackings where the victims are frequently slain in exchange for their vehicle.

Instead of waiting to become a statistic, one man in Dearborn Heights, Michigan ran over one of two carjackers as the other fired multiple shots at the victim.

On September 4, everything happened at 5:30 in the morning. One suspect came up as the victim pulled up to a home.

The incident may have entailed the suspect pointing a gun at the victim and demanding the truck, but it is impossible to tell from the blurry CCTV tape.

At that point, the victim decided to take matters into his own hands and ran over the would-be carjacker by reversing violently and quickly. The first suspect is shoved under the truck's chassis as it flies back out of the driveway.

The truck's driver panics and runs across a neighbor's grass before putting the transmission in drive and swerving down the road to safety as his friend approaches on the sidewalk and shoots a couple shots at the evading vehicle.

A window in the house across the street has what seems to be a bullet hole, according to a local news crew. Police claim that nobody was hurt.

The second suspect then takes off running. The vehicle crashing is visible in the video, but you can't see it when it happens close by. Despite being hurt in the crash, the motorist declined medical attention when it was offered.

Although the would-be carjacker's identity hasn't been made public, police say the 31-year-old Melvindale man was brought to the hospital in a severe condition and eventually passed suddenly.

The second suspect, the one who fired shots at the truck, is still at large, and police are seeking for him.

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