Jesse Williams, 41, Lives by These Healthy Habits

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Let's face it, "Grey's Anatomy" character Dr. Jackson Avery is a complete smoke show. Fans are quite excited that he will shortly visit Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital once more.

If you're curious about what the celebrity has been doing since his swoon-worthy performance wearing a lab coat on, "He's been killing it on Broadway in "Take Me Out." Grey's Anatomy.

Williams also practices a healthy lifestyle with ease. Continue reading to learn more about them, and be sure to check out the following article to understand how Mark Wahlberg, 51, stays fit.

Jesse Williams is committed to his exercise routine and works with a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Jesse Williams takes excellent care of his body to maintain outstanding form despite his demanding schedule as an actor. He finds time to meditate, exercise, and receive acupuncture.

Jesse Williams regularly visits the gym and works out with a trainer in terms of fitness. "I work with Yaw Owusu, a fantastic personal trainer and nutritionist, four times a week one-on-one.

The two-time high school teacher and parent practices a lot of self-care. According to Jesse Williams, The Unwind "I see a therapist. I believe it to be really significant; it has changed my life. My favorite.

He also says that he has learned how to be lenient with himself "Recently, I've grown more at ease with just giving myself a break.

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