Is Elon Musk Now Pro-Russia in Ukraine War?


The billionaire CEO of Tesla wants to be pragmatic. He sees only one way to avoid a bigger disaster scenario.

Elon Musk seems to embrace harsh realities. 

The richest man in the world appears to have decided that a compromise is the best course of action in Russia's conflict with Ukraine.

Just a few days after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Musk was one of the first CEOs of a significant global firm to offer his support to Ukrainians.

Then, when Russia had destroyed their communications equipment, Putin made Starlink available to the Ukrainians. Musk's SpaceX offers a satellite internet connection service called Starlink.

Access to the internet is autonomous and secure thanks to this service. It is challenging to hack. Few services are ever cut.

Residents of locations that are poorly served by the fixed and mobile networks of telecom companies now have access to the internet thanks to Starlink.

The service is made possible by thousands of tiny satellites in low orbit, mostly 342 miles (550 km) above the Earth. Particularly distant communities and areas that Russia has attacked make use of the system.

The efficiency of Starlink thwarted Russia's intentions for military communications, infuriating Russian authorities to the point where they threatened to react.

"Starlink estimates 150K daily active users. According to Mykhailo Fedorov, vice prime minister and minister of Ukraine's digital sector, "this is crucial support"

For many of his countrymen, Fedorov said, Starlink has become a sort of lifeline. "Ukraine will stay connected no matter what," he added.

The Russians were particularly enraged by this gesture, and Vladimir Putin's lieutenants did not think twice to threaten Elon Musk with death.

No matter how you turn on the idiot, Elon, you will have to respond in an adult manner, warned Dmitry Rogozin, the former head of Russia's space agency, of Musk in May.

Musk is typically seen as a staunch supporter of Ukraine. Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has proposed new ways to end the crisis in Ukraine, which has killed hundreds and displaced millions.

The computer tycoon believes Ukrainians and Russians must negotiate for peace. Some of Kyiv's compromises, like ceding Crimea to Russia and vowing never to join the EU or NATO, are bitter pills.

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