Costco's Cheesy Appetizer Dubbed "Worst Product"

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Costco is a veritable gold mine of alternatives for delectable appetizers. Excellent frozen selections can be found along with prepared dishes, baked products, and pantry essentials to help with last-minute entertaining.

However, not all programs are made equal, and the warehouse occasionally swings and misses, releasing a product that customers can't support.

Customers claim that one of the store's misses is the Pull Apart Cheese Bread. The cheesy snack made by the French business Tipiak was promoted by Costco fan account @costcobuys in a post that ended up garnering a ton of negative comments.

The bread is loaded with cheeses, garlic, and herbs and retails for only $11.69 per box; in all honesty, it's hard to see it being anything other than an absolutely amazing deal. It comes refrigerated and ready to bake. Though it is.

Those who have tried it claim that the oven-ready bread is just unsatisfying. A user of Instagram stated "I bought one and served it as an appetizer at our family meal. Nobody likes it, according to one person, who also called it "the worst thing at Costco."

The comment of a third follower said, "A third follower urged future consumers not to purchase this cuisine." "This is definitely not excellent. Don't waste your money, it's just stale bread with no flavor and no pull from the cheese." Many other customers agreed with the assertion of no flavor and described the appetizer as "underwhelming."

Tipiak's bread isn't a recent arrival to Costco; it was discovered there as early as 2019 and appears to be a staple. But customers have warned about its flaws back then. "I apologize, but this isn't really that good.

The bread has a taste of baking soda and is a little bit dry "a user stated. "A disappointment is also the cheese. Taste was worse than how it appeared on the box."

To top it all off, a well-known food review website called Costco Food Database compared the bread's texture to "an old crusty carpet." We don't know what will persuade you of the flavor (or lack thereof) of this product if that hasn't done it already.

In 2022, Costco's cherished bakery did introduce five new delicacies as a delectable replacement, including raspberry mini cakes with buttercream frosting and a rich chocolate cheesecake. Grab some desserts for Thanksgiving this year instead of the unfavorable appetizer evaluations!

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