Costco is turning heads with chocolate chip cheese


Costco products are some of the most talked about groceries on the Internet. Remember, for example, its signature cauliflower crust pizza that took Reddit by storm?

Then there are items that are completely different because they are like that. Intriguingly strange. And Zappla's Baked Chocolate Chip Ricotta, which is making a splash on social media again, is one of them.

The cheese has captured the interest of shoppers because it contains an ingredient one would expect to see in cheese: chocolate.

On December 18, Instagram user @costcobuys announced that the food mashup is now available in the warehouse again, writing, "This cheese is versatile and delicious... Chocolate Ricotta Pancakes anyone?

The $13.89-per-pound Italian-imported ricotta is described as a "creamy sweet cheese with a hint of chocolate" with the packaging noting that the product "pairs well with Prosecco."

"Looks absolutely delicious" commented one Instagram user. Meanwhile a handful of people were not too keen on the item. One person wrote, "No! Just no!" while another commented, "This is extreme Americana – how can they do that with ricotta?"

However, in response to individuals expressing their distaste for the sweet cheese, many compared the product to Italian cannoli fillings.

This is not the first time Costco's Baked Chocolate Chip Ricotta started a conversation online. Back in January a Reddit user posted a photo of the product, which resulted in many people swooning over the cheese and sharing how they enjoy it:

Costco's chocolate chip cheese isn't the only sweet treat that's getting attention. Last week, @costcobuys announced that The Warehouse Club's Christmas Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake is back.

The layered dessert consists of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, and brownie chunks, frosted with chocolate ganache and a red "Merry Christmas" scrawled on top.

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