California Pizza Kitchen Is Making A Surprising Change After 35 Years

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Lunchtime is here. You say, "Man, I'm craving a burger." "Me too," a coworker replies. They follow up by saying, "How about California Pizza Kitchen? The first burger from California Pizza Kitchen in 35 years will soon be available.

Despite the fact that October is National Pizza Month, California Pizza Kitchen doesn't appear to be concerned with this at all. And, honestly, why should it?

It appears that CPK might be ready for a little change after over 40 years of producing pizza and growing to roughly 200 sites worldwide.

You may be familiar with it via its sit-down eateries or frozen pizza offerings. But now it's time for burgers, which seems like an oxymoronic turn for California Pizza Kitchen. Introducing the iconoclastic West Coast Burger on a brioche bun.

What does that imply for burger aficionados who are ravenous? Hold on for a little while longer. According to a press release, it will go on sale countrywide on Tuesday, October 4. Here are some things fans can anticipate from the novel, unexpected dish till then.

According to the press announcement, the West Coast Burger is a combination of wagyu, brisket, and chuck roast. The list of toppings is broad and includes items like melted cheese, caramelized onions, and applewood smoked bacon.

Recently, California Pizza Kitchen has jumped headfirst into the realm of experimental menu offerings. According to Businesswire, CPK revealed a portfolio of additional non-pizza options in April, including Baja Crunch salad and Wild Mushroom and Brie Soup.

In addition to the new burger, CPK is also celebrating a domestic franchise program, a 35-year first. CPK only had locations via FSR in 27 U.S. states as of January 2022; the chain is working nonstop to change this number.

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