Burger King's New Whopper Answers McDonald's Retro Menu Move

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For Halloween, McDonald's is apparently bringing back a longtime fan favourite, so Burger King responds with a brand-new Whopper.

Aside from the Shamrock Shake, which ostensibly ties to St. Patrick's Day since it was introduced using the now cringe-worthy Irish stereotype Uncle O'Grimacey, the company doesn't usually acknowledge any special events.

Additionally, the chain hasn't traditionally gone in that direction, despite the fact that reindeer McNuggets for Christmas or a Red, White, and Blue Big Mac may make sense.

However, the fast food juggernaut has historically observed Halloween, releasing plastic buckets intended for trick-or-treating in the past.

The business hasn't reintroduced those since 2016, but according to a recent source, the Halloween Pails, which were originally available in three designs, will make a comeback in 2022.

McDonald's and Restaurant Brands International made a brave decision to claim the holiday. - Get Restaurant Brands International Inc. Report Burger King won't allow that to happen without retaliating with a new Halloween menu item of its own.

Burger King has a totally different perspective on the Whopper than McDonald's, which has traditionally been protective of the Big Mac, its iconic burger.

Burger King didn't think twice to sell a Whopper on a black bun with the name "Halloween Whopper" on it.

Burger King's first Halloween Whopper had an American cheese-topped flame-grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, and A.1.

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