Big-Ticket Impulse Buys That Costco Superfans Say They Love



A Redditor sent her husband to Costco to fix a $15 flat tire, and instead, he returned with a $700 refrigerator. Even if she can only make fun of him for the purchase, she is happy with her buy.

Costco Executive Membership

Costco's executive membership category costs $120, which is twice as much as a standard membership, but it offers additional perks including a 2% reward on all purchases.

Upright Freezer

While the majority of people are happy with a fridge-freezer set, one Redditor claimed that spending more money on an upright freezer was worthwhile.

Wedding Ring

We're pleased this Redditor didn't regret purchasing his wife's wedding because they "enjoy" it, as the poster stated.


Kayaks are available at Costco, which one superfan highly recommends, and outdoor enthusiasts should be aware of this. Despite the fact that rails, racks, etc. cost an additional $800.

Bissell Crosswave Vacuum

After seeing it consume milk and cereal simultaneously, I decided to purchase a Bissell Crosswave, and I am in love with it beyond words. It makes floor cleaning so much simpler.

Massage Chair

Redditors named this commenter the "winner" of the topic since they spent $8,000 on a massage chair, making them the big spender.

Studio Shed

Just in time for the epidemic, this Costco fanatic purchased an outside storage building. It "inadvertently" changed into the Redditor's workspace.

Swimming Pool

This swimming pool was another pre-pandemic purchase that protected one Redditor and their family "from craziness" throughout the lockdowns.

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