A Fisherman Caught A Piranha In A North Carolina Lake


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Southern anglers typically refer to trout, bluegill, perch, or catfish when they talk about the fish that are biting at the lake, not piranha.

After all, the fish with razor-toothed canines are found in the tropical waters of South America, not, say, Aberdeen Lake in Moore County, North Carolina. Not this time, though.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission posted a photo of a newly caught piranha in Aberdeen Lake, west of Fayetteville, on social media.

Two people were apparently fishing on the lake when they got a bite. The old adage "The fishing was good; it was the catching that was horrible" applies here, nevertheless.

Instead of finding a crappie or a carp when they hauled the fish in, they discovered a tenacious creature with a mouthful of jagged teeth.

They told fellow fish enthusiast Chad Ray about their discovery, and he took the fish home and posted a picture and a description of it on Facebook, where it was seen by the public and the NC Wildlife Commission.

Wildlife specialists say that despite the fact that removing a deadly fish from a nearby lake sounds like the beginning of a horror movie, this particular piranha is not a cause for concern.

The reckless fish owner who dumped his pet piranha in the lake, according to NC Wildlife biologist Troy Thompson, may have left one or two additional surprises in the water, Thompson told The Pilot.

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