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A Definitive Ranking of Popular Potato Chip Brands

For good reason, potato chips are a favorite snack; they are crunchy, flavorful, fine on their own, great with a dip, and typically not too expensive.

We excluded excellent (but maize or flour based) items like tortilla chips, Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, and Takis from our list in favor of only potato-based snacks.


These have a texture that reminds me of Pringles, but they lack flavor and have a really bland flavor. They are our least favorite on their own, but they would be good dipped in a tasty dip.

Baked Lays

These are a good choice if you want something with less fat, but they lack the traditional Lays' addictive qualities.

Wavy Pringles

It's a wonderful idea. A wavy chip conceals flavor and goodness behind its folds, but these just don't work well.

Kettle Brand

She's not a huge fan, but I adore kettle-cooked chips for their added crunch and unique forms. Kettle Brand is good, but not nearly as good as another variation that is listed later.


Both the Ridge cut and their little shoestring Potato Stix, which are excellent for a lunchbox snack, are excellent.


Despite being a tried-and-true favorite, they can occasionally be a bit too oily, and there are occasions when you just don't want greasy fingers. However, they have a terrific flavor and are powerful.


Although they aren't the best chips, they are flavorful and the cardboard tube reduces the number of broken ones.

Cape Cod

They have a terrific original flavor that doesn't require any dipping or other preparation, and they are light and crunchy at the same time.

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