8 Strict Rules at McDonald's That Have Gotten Workers Fired

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According to the corporate website of the fast food juggernaut, McDonald's restaurants can currently be found in 38,000 locations over the world.

That number may be inaccurate by a few hundred this way or that way, but it still illustrates how McDonald's is a business success story that is almost unrivaled.

Selling meals with a consistent flavor at a low price is one way the chain expanded to 38,000 locations across 100 countries. Putting employees on a relatively tight leash is another strategy.

No free good handouts. Ever

McDonald's employees are absolutely barred from providing complimentary meals, with very few exceptions. No kid should get an ice cream cone. No coffee for the officer.

Sandwiches must be prepared in a specific order

Every aspect of McDonald's sandwiches, including the Big Mac and McDouble, has been evaluated and locked in, making them basically the product of scientific design.

No Monopoly for McDonald's workers

The well-known McDonald's Monopoly game is completely forbidden for McDonald's employees to play, according to a Reddit discussion and a number of other sites.

Frequent handwashing is mandatory

You're aware of the signs that read "Employees must wash hands before returning to work" at restaurants and other public restrooms, right? Yes, the policies are in fact enforced.

Ronald McDonald is bound by myriad rules

To begin with, McDonald's employees are only permitted to call the recognizable, unsettling clown mascot Ronald McDonald; no other names are permitted.

Improper portion sizes can lead to firing

An ex-employee McDonald's said on Quora that if a worker made an error in the volume measurements of goods like french fries or milkshakes, they may be fired.

Black pants and shiny black shoes

The majority of a worker's outfit, including a name badge, hat, shirt, and apron, is provided by McDonald's. But the employee must provide the pants and shoes, and they must adhere to very tight standards.

Yes, you have to work on Christmas

If a McDonald's employee works at a location that will be open on a particular holiday, he or she may not be able to get out of a scheduled shift on that day unless they can demonstrate an exceptional need for an exemption. In other words, just because you celebrate Christmas won't get you off on December 25th.

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