8 Secrets You Never Knew About Little Caesars

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Little Caesars has launched some of the craziest items as a pizza chain.

Little Caesars began experimenting in 1993. Spaghetti buckets and unusual pizza crusts followed meal deals and deep-dish pizza.

The franchise made the owners richer than rich.

Little Caesars generates $4.5 billion in systemwide revenues for co-owners Mike and Marian Ilitch. The couple was among the country's richest in 2017, along with Donald Trump and Robert Kraft. Ilitch died that year.

Little Caesars has had an impact on the NHL.

Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League began in 1979 and is now one of America's largest. The sports league is based in Detroit, Michigan, where the original Little Caesars opened.

The name "Little Caesars" hits close to home.

In 1959, the first Pizza Treat opened. Marian Ilitch sought a different name. She modified it to "Little Caesar" from her husband's nickname.

The catchphrase "Pizza! Pizza!"

The "Pizza! Pizza!" commercial character has been imprinted in American brains. Little Caesars created a "two pizzas for one" bargain to grow and incentivize customers, hence "Pizza! Pizza!"

Some locations have allegedly used an unlikely tool to mix up the sauce.

Good pizza needs a creamy marinara sauce. A former Little Caesars employee became famous on Tik Tok after producing the chain's sauce using a power drill.

There's barely any cheese on that pizza.

Use less expensive ingredients to save money. Reddit user ex-Little Caesars employee says "We used half as much cheese for 5-dollar pizzas. Cheese costs the most."

A few items are actually still made from scratch.

Fresh ingredients aren't always a certainty at cheap, ready-to-eat fast food establishments. Most things will be frozen or vacuum-sealed. Little Caesars makes their pizza dough and Crazy Bread from flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, and soybean oil daily or every other day.

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