8 Controversial Commercials Beer Companies Want You to Forget


Colt 45 "Works Every Time"

After briefly engaging in small talk with a woman, Billy opens a Colt 45 and tells the camera that it "works every time."

Meghan Markle's skinny jeans Miller Lite ad

Meghan Markle was an actress before becoming the Duchess of Sussex. She undoubtedly wants you to remember her for one of her parts, which was Rachel Zane in the popular television series "Suits."

Heineken: "Sometimes lighter is better"

In the commercial, a lovely Asian woman with a fair complexion is served a bottle of Heineken Light. The beverage moves past three Black people as it makes its way there.

"One more Tuborg, please!"

The woman in the advertisement is a bespectacled, scowling, bunned-haired brunette, while the man is seated at a table. After drinking some beer, he turns back to look at her and, lo and behold, her glasses are gone and her hair is down.

Bud Light Bad Dog ad

The women, who are obviously his girlfriend and her mother, enter as the man's beer rolls under the couch. As he goes to retrieve it, the dog mounts him. The entire setup and punchline of this joke are abhorrent.

Pure Blonde

This subtle but effective racial advertisement for the Australian drink Pure Blonde. The commercial shows a beautiful world where everyone coexists in harmony with nature and makes crisp, pure beer.

Miller Light: Catfight

At the time, a lot of people wrote to the business to express their outrage over the sexist advertisement. At the time, Miller Lite brand manager Tom Bick stated that the advertisement successfully reached beer drinkers between the ages of 21 and 31.

A commercial's purpose is to sell merchandise. The greatest method for an advertisement to accomplish this is to be memorable, which will help you remember the brand it is promoting for the longest amount of time.

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