8 Controversial Ads Coca-Cola Doesn’t Want You to Remember

The Paper Forest

This adage still holds true for brands today as it did in the late 1800s. Controversy is occasionally courted in advertising and marketing because it gets people talking about a product, even if they are incensed.

Coca-Cola is one business that is frequently mentioned during Super Bowl broadcasts. Naturally, Coke's advertising is likewise pervasive in other aspects of life and at all times.

Coca-Cola wants to stay in your mind or belly, but there have been certain advertisements that the company would rather you forget.

America Is Beautiful

Ed Verner’s Auckland restaurant looks and sounds much like any ambitious fine-dining spot. Even the name, Pasture.

The Indigenous Coke Delivery Christmas Ad

In the advertisement, a group of Mexicans who appear to be highly caucasian, happy, young, and rich present a group of indigenous Mexicans with a red Christmas tree and Coca-Cola.

Change Has a Taste

In this 2017 Coca-Cola commercial from Saudi Arabia, a father is teaching his daughter to drive (the Kingdom had allowed women to drive just a little while before the spot was made).

The advertisement, which featured young people playing mobile games rather than console or computer games, was criticized and mocked by actual gamers.

Real Magic

Coca-Cola Zero Pinocchio

Since Pinocchio is charged with lying about Coke Zero's sugar-free flavor, Foxsylvania claims that this Coca-Cola Zero advertisement is "nightmare fuel".


In "Sleepwalker," a man on safari wakes up and goes through the African savanna, over hills and ridges, and into a settlement where he finds a Coca-Cola refrigerator.

 Coke Keeps You Thin!

Less calories are in this bottle than in half a grapefruit. Connie continues, "The refreshing, biting taste of Coke keeps me from eating anything that might make me gain weight." continued to shudder

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