8 Biggest Changes Costco Has Made This Year

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2. The bakery introduced a variety of mini treats

Costco sells big and large items. This year, small bakery items are popular. Costco bakers have made smaller versions of practically every favorite dessert this year and brought back some discontinued ones.

1. Another Costco car wash opened up

Many were surprised to hear that some Costco locations have a hidden advantage. These establishments offer a car wash service in addition to discounted gas and tires.

3. New Jersey Costcos changed their gas policy

Non-warehouse Costco members in New Jersey lost access on July 5. In many states, filling up requires a Costco card. In New Jersey, Costco and other gas wholesalers were advised in 2004 that restricting access to members was illegal.

4. Costco Next welcomed new vendors

Costco Next debuted in 2017, providing members another reason to adore the store. Costco said the program contains restricted products from trustworthy sources. Members can shop straight from vendor websites and enjoy discounts.

5. Costco stopped offering its mortgage program

Costco stopped offering a mortgage product in May. The scheme began in 2020 and capped lender fees to $250 for Executive members and $550 for all other members.

6. Food court pizza boxes got a fresh new look

If you've just purchased a pizza from Costco's food court, you may have noticed a small modification on the box.

7. All Costco warehouses discontinued Covid store hours

Costco, like many other stores and companies, started pandemic hours. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, elders, immunocompromised shoppers, and first responders may shop without crowds.

8. Costco cut ribbons across the country

Costco's 2022 New Year's resolution was to open over 20 new stores globally. More than a handful of these new stores have opened in the U.S.

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