7 Strict Rules Texas Roadhouse Workers Have to Follow

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Line dancing is required

In accordance with a recent Reddit thread, servers are frequently observed by hidden shoppers to guarantee compliance in addition to being ordered to line dance at specific times.

Servers must greet new guests with a corny script

Any server who is speaking to a table of customers they have never met before is required, per Quizlet, to ask if they have been to the restaurant before and, if not, to recite a script that says in part.

Servers must upsell

Naturally, your waitress will ask you how you would like your steak cooked when you order one at a Texas Roadhouse. However, they will also almost always inquire as to whether you would like to add sauteed mushrooms and onions.

Shirts must be tucked in at all times when a server is on the property

The required attire for Texas Roadhouse staff is quite straightforward, according to the training manual. However, it is a little more stringent when it comes to shoes, which must be non-slip and black.

Servers must pool tips, often unfairly

Like many eateries, Texas Roadhouse pays many of its employees significantly less than the legal minimum wage per hour because these employees also collect tips.

Managing Partners are required to make a large investment in the chain

You must pay a $25,000 deposit and consent to a five-year contract in order to become a Managing Partner at a Texas Roadhouse location.

More bread is never provided if not requested

When these essential carbohydrates start to run low, many restaurants aggressively replenish them by keeping the bread baskets coming.

There are already more than 600 Texas Roadhouse outlets dispersed across America, according to the analytics firm ScrapeHero.

In fact, every state except Hawaii has at least one Texas Roadhouse restaurant, and some states have dozens. When we say the chain has spread out over the nation, we really mean it.

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