7 Once-Favorite Family Restaurant Chains That Went Out of Business

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These family hangouts may have been the buzz of the town at the time, but they don't exist anymore. When you were a child and your parents brought you out to dinner, it was always a special occasion.

1. Gino's Hamburgers

Families who enjoy football are aware that NFL Hall of Famer Gino Marchetti opened this eatery in 1957.

2. Red Barn

When families wanted a delicious burger back in the day, Red Barn was the place to go. Its famous Big Barney or Barnbuster burgers will make you feel as though you're on a farm when you eat them.

3. Old Country Buffet

You never have to limit yourself to just one dish because to the abundance of food available at restaurant buffets.

4. Henry's Hamburgers

Founded in the 1960s, Henry's Hamburgers is a well-known chain serving burgers, milkshakes, and malts. It immediately turned into a nationwide burger craze and now has over 200 locations.

5. Burger Chef

Burger Chef was much ahead of its time, even patenting the flame broiler and developing the first fast-food kids' meal, as many who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s may recall.

6. GameWorks

GameWorks was a great place for kids to enjoy food and entertainment in one location, and it may be the most family-friendly restaurant franchise on this list.

7. Howard Johnson's

In its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, Howard Johnson's was once regarded as the biggest restaurant chain in the United States. renowned for its hot dogs, fried clams, and 28 unique ice cream varieties.

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