7 of the Most Beautiful Places to Retire in America


Greenville, South Carolina

This community of around 72,000 people, located in the foothills of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, is well known for its retirement resources, including the city's scenic surroundings.

Madison, Wisconsin

The capital of Wisconsin, Madison, was ranked first on Money.com's list of the best places to retire in 2020.

Savannah, Georgia

The town's attractions, such as its gastronomy, arts, and culture, as well as the distinctive live oaks and alluring Spanish moss, are beautifully set off by the city's renowned old architecture.

Homer, Alaska

Homer might be ideal if you enjoy going fishing, hiking, sea kayaking, viewing bears, and making friends in a tiny, close-knit village that values the arts and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glacial fjords.

Eureka, California

Another slightly outlandish retirement choice is Eureka (population 26,489). It's practically in the middle of nowhere on Highway 101, which offers breathtaking vistas of the American West Coast.

Flagstaff, Arizona

This 77,000-person municipality emphasizes the "life" in lifestyle. Exceptional mountain scenery, an active restaurant scene, a public university, and a gourmet culture are all present.

Portland, Maine

At the southernmost point of one of the most picturesque states in the union is Portland, Maine. In Portland, there are roughly 68,000 people.

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