6 Secrets Chipotle Doesn't Want You to Know

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A tale was created in Denver, Colorado, about thirty years ago. That is, a Tex-Mex legend. In 1993, Chipotle, a national franchise that today rules the burrito market, was founded in the middle of the nation.

Even while Chipotle unquestionably rules the grab-and-go burrito market, the chain's development has not been completely unhindered.

1. The chain is prone to foodborne illness outbreaks

A string of foodborne illness outbreaks brought on by Norovirus, Salmonella, and E. coli caused the chain's reputation for being wholesome and health-conscious to drastically deteriorate.

2. Chipotle's portion sizes are shrinking

Chipotle has caught on to us and our sly requests for "just a bit more of that" at the counter. With the rise in digital orders brought on by the epidemic

3. It's easy to max out your fat intake for the day by ordering a common burrito

We're sorry to break the terrible news to you, but that seemingly healthy carnitas burrito with brown rice and guacamole has 49 grams of fat.

4. The company is paying workers more at your expense

Positively, Chipotle is paying its employees more. There is no doubt that this change is good for both the employees and the company.

5. The chain has struggled with rats

After numerous employees were attacked by rats, a Chipotle restaurant in New York City was forced to close in December 2020.

6. And labor laws

After rat-gate, Chipotle was in trouble with the city of New York again less than six months later; this time, it was for breaking labor rules.

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