6 Costco Meat Products With Tons of Customer Complaints

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Foster Farms Frozen Chicken

These chicken patties were recently recalled by Foster Farms after being exposed to pollutants, including hard plastic particles detected inside the flesh.

Kirkland Chicken Thighs

On Reddit, a recent complaint regarding Costco Kirkland Chicken Thighs received over 1,000 up votes and over 300 comments.

Jones Dairy Farms All Natural Uncured Canadian Bacon

Customers of Costco who recently bought uncured Canadian bacon from Jones Dairy Farms most certainly noticed a disgusting, slimy residue on this meat product.

Food Court Chicken Bake

Chicken Bake disappointed Costco food court fans. @IvanTheElephant uploaded a snapshot of the product and expressed displeasure in its size.

Perdue Frozen Chicken

Although Costco offers a decent selection of Perdue goods, a customer recently complained about the brand's panko-crusted chicken breast nuggets.

Rancid Rack of Lamb

Some Costco customers have complained that they have been bringing home spoiled meat. The original Reddit post was made by a user who wrote, "Rack of Lamb with a sell by date of 9/29, purchased today," about two months ago.

Costco is renowned for its reasonable prices, cult-favorite food court delicacies, and bulk options. However, when this wildly successful retailer makes a mistake, fans of Costco don't hold back when venting their concerns online.

Reddit users have recently expressed dissatisfaction with certain Costco meat products owing to recalls, smaller packaging, or simply a general decline in quality.

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