5 Tips for Cooking a "Legendary" Steak Straight From Texas Roadhouse

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Start with a room-temperature steak.

Take remove your steak 30 minutes before cooking so the centre can warm up. Pat steak dry with a paper towel to prevent browning.

Preheat the pan or grill.

A good sear requires a hot but not overheated pan. 5 minutes on medium-high. Don't exaggerate. "No really hot," he says. Test it with water. Water evaporates quickly.

Season 'coast to coast'

Don't be hesitant to add Texas Roadhouse seasoning on the meat. This is a Texas Roadhouse motto. This requires seasoning every beef surface.

Flip often or follow the '10 and 2' trick

Traditional knowledge says to keep the steak on one side for half the time, but recommends flipping often. This ensures even browning and that delectable steak crust.

Let the steak rest.

Don't destroy your steak after letting it come to room temperature, seasoning it "coast to coast," and flipping it for a flawless sear. Rest. Steak. "Don't chop steak,". Use a thermometer and let steak rest for 5 minutes.

Texas Roadhouse is recognized for "famous" steaks at reasonable pricing. They also provide cinnamon honey butter soft buns, cheesy snacks, and country music.

They're the most popular steakhouse in America, beating out LongHorn, Outback, and Ruth's Chris. They're pros at grilling steaks.

The Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop website offers suggestions for grilling and pan-frying steaks and sells steak for home consumption.

If you want an economical steak but don't want to get dressed, get some steaks from the website and follow their cooking suggestions.

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