12 Old-Fashioned Ballpark Foods You've Got To Try at Least Once


Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Buy me some Cracker Jack and peanuts. The phrase "peanuts and baseball are terrific partners" is best summed up by the well-known baseball song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

Malt cups

If you watched the Minnesota Twins play in the stadium as a kid in Minnesota, you probably have fond memories of eating a Kemps Malt Cup, which is a cup of chocolate malt ice cream served with a wooden spoon.

Soft pretzels

Yes, large salted pretzels are really popular during Oktoberfest festivals this time of year. But baseball fans have always loved the popular German snack in the summer.

Hot dogs

Fenway Park in Boston, the oldest stadium in the MLB, is where you'll discover Fenway Franks, which are ballpark hot dogs with home-field advantage and condiments like relish.

Cheap beer in a souvenir plastic cup

Buy beer right here! is a phrase you'll hear at every baseball field. There's something tempting about downing a beer while watching a baseball game, even if you're not a lover of a cold, frothy brew.

Ice cream in a plastic helmet

Ice cream in whatever form is usually popular, but the soft serve in a miniature plastic helmet with the team insignia imprinted on it is the real winner. Both children and their parents adore this novelty ice cream treat.


When the bases are loaded and the game is on the line, a large carton of popcorn is ideal for sharing and gobbling up—by the fistful—while the game is still in play. similar to going to see an adventure movie in a theater.

Gilroy's Garlic Fries

These homemade, garlicky fries are a huge success with both regular visitors and dedicated supporters at AT &T Park San Francisco.

Brats/Polish sausage

Milwaukee is the king of bratwursts, and Miller Park's brats brewed in beer are legendary. At the games, costumed brats and polish sausage compete in a sausage race.

Cotton candy

For baseball's youngest fans, cotton candy at a game is still better than the circus and has been for decades; every child should have the chance to enjoy cotton candy during a baseball game.

Philly cheesesteak

Even though Citizens Bank Park is brand-new, Philadelphia's cheesesteaks have a long history and are more well-liked than hot dogs there.

Cubano sandwich

The popularity of the roasted pork Cuban sandwich sold at Tropicana Field is an excellent illustration of Tampa Bay's long and fruitful relationship with Cuba.

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