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An Artist’s Journey: From Intern to Art Director

    An Artist’s Journey From Intern to Art Director

    As a member of one of the largest internal teams of specialised digital artists in the world, Atomhawk collaborates with the best game developers.

    Atomhawk prioritises a healthy work-life balance while concentrating on producing excellent artwork, offering a collaborative environment, always learning, and celebrating the journey along the way because they believe that real talent is worth nurturing. They also believe that structured career development and training pathways for all employees are important. There is an internal training and development programme to help artists reach their goals, whether their focus is on variety, a specialisation, or building leadership abilities. Their team is free to pursue freelancing endeavours outside of work. Additionally, their Artist Matrix was created to assist artistic advancement within Atomhawk as artists go from Junior to Intermediate to Senior and beyond.

    Members of their outstanding team offer their perspectives on the Atomhawk career path from intern to art director in their four-part “An Artist’s Journey” blog series on ArtStation.

    In the beginning (of your internship)

    An impression of what it’s like to work as a concept artist intern at Atomhawk as they develop your skills and start you on the path to becoming a well-known concept artist. The first article in the series describes how they work with young people to help them develop the knowledge, perspective, and experience necessary to succeed and be happy in their careers. In order to provide an atmosphere where you may develop all three, this blog describes how Atomhawk introduces interns to new ways of thinking about creativity, a new work discipline, and new processes. We hear from two previous Atomhawk interns who are both now employed by them as Junior Concept Artists. It covers both what an internship should and should not contain.

    Moving up (from junior to senior)

    It’s a big step up to become a Senior Artist. The second career trajectory blog in the series examines how Atomhawk helps new Senior Artists as teamwork, communication with producers, analysing client feedback, and watching the creation of live games all become a part of their daily lives. It introduces the Artist Matrix and describes how the studio’s extremely wide range of artistic skill sets creates a rich source of learning for artists at this career stage.

    Making it (as a Principal Artist)

    The third post in the series discusses the stage in an artist’s career when they have the ability to communicate effectively, have practical knowledge, and have a well-honed creative process. It examines how reaching a specific level of proficiency can give you more creative freedom and explains why the very finest artists are dedicated to continuing their education. Read Thomas Stoop’s account of the realities of project management, managing a team, and the various transitions from Junior to Senior and from Senior to Principal. Thomas Stoop is currently employed as an Atomhawk Principal Artist.

    This is the life (of Leads and Directors)

    The series’ last episode focuses on the creators who have achieved success as Artist Leads or Directors. Two of their most experienced artists, Charlie Bowater and Drew Whitmore, share their reflections on how they came to be in their current positions. The pair also outlined the main requirements of their separate professions while describing how Atomhawk’s Artist Matrix gave them the clear objectives and direction they needed to keep moving ahead.

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