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7 Tips for Aspiring Artists

    7 Tips for Aspiring Artists

    So, you’ve made the decision that you want to work in the art world, but you have no idea where to begin?

    We have compiled a list of the top seven recommendations that artists in the community have shared with us, and you can begin putting them into practise right away, no matter what industry or art style you are aspiring to be a part of.

    1) Start with the basics.

    “Don’t try to get ahead of the game by taking any shortcuts or using any tricks. Have patience and train yourself to paint or sculpt something from scratch before resorting to techniques like photoshop or kitbashing.

    2) Be curious.

    When it comes to art and abilities, there are so many distinct varieties that you can’t possibly know which ones you’ll enjoy until you try them for yourself. Do not be afraid to participate in anything new and exciting if you think it would be fun and intriguing.

    3) Be passionate.

    “Live and pursue your passion. You should give it everything you’ve got to realise your goals, since having a career that you’re passionate about is the finest thing that can ever happen to you.

    4) Set short-term, achievable goals.

    “I believe that I was able to identify the way to my ideal career by constantly practising, managing my time in the direction of short-term goals, and working toward them. Everyone in my life knew that from the time I was a teenager until I was in my 30s, I reserved Sundays from noon till dinner for my painting.

    5) Don’t be discouraged by comparing yourself to others.

    “There is no one and only right path to follow in order to realise your ambitions. In the end, you alone will be responsible for all of the choices and decisions that you make in your life. Therefore, give some serious consideration to the offers you are getting. If you don’t feel comfortable using a certain method or painting style, you should never force yourself to do so. I mean that yeah, you should educate yourself on things, but you shouldn’t put the pressure on yourself that it’s a must.

    6) Find focus.

    “The fact of the matter is that the majority of artists, like myself, are limited in their abilities. We each have qualities that we excel at, and they tend to be the aspects of our work that we enjoy the most. It’s all about the characters for me. As a result, I’m going to make it abundantly obvious that my portfolio is focused on character design. Because firms almost never search for an artist who can accomplish everything, it is necessary for it to demonstrate that it has a concentration. They search for an artist who is capable of doing a certain thing that they require at that particular time. The good news is that rather than allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by the pressure of needing to be exceptional at everything, you should focus on getting better at one (or two) things instead.

    7) Never stop learning.

    “Improving your artistic ability is simply one piece of the puzzle,” she said. It doesn’t matter whatever road you choose to travel; the thing that will truly distinguish you as a great person is how well you cultivate your drive to learn, how well you keep your skills up, and how much you push yourself.

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